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Gear up and show your dedication to your art with our brand-new line of martial arts merchandise!

It’s our first new merch created in more than a decade.

Crafted with the same passion and precision as your favorite techniques, our collection features premium-quality T-shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies designed to elevate your style both inside and outside the dojo.

Whether you’re perfecting your form or embracing the warrior mindset in your everyday life, our apparel blends comfort and durability to support you through every kick, punch, and strike.

Stand out from the crowd and let your passion speak volumes.

Explore our latest designs and join the movement of martial arts enthusiasts who are proud to wear their dedication on their sleeves.

It’s more than just clothing—it’s a statement of commitment to the art.

Are you ready to wear your martial arts journey?

Shop our easy-to-use online store!

Who Created The Look & Feel?

The new look for Metamora Martial Arts features a silhouette throwing a high kick with the kanji for "small-town dojo"
The new look for Metamora Martial Arts features a silhouette throwing a high kick with the kanji for “small-town dojo”

Back in February, I started working with Shawn Stokes of Stokez Creationz.

I asked him to help create something unique to us, inspired by current designs in martial arts and Cobra Kai—he nailed it.

Chances are you’ve seen his work.

He’s created several designs that you see in the LogoWear shop today.

I highly recommend Shawn if you’re looking for a design.

Who’s The Apparel Made Through?

I partnered with LogoWear right here in Metamora!

Carmen was so easy to work with the last time we had a run of shirts created in 2014 that I wanted to work with her and the team again.

I’m excited that our small businesses have now come together once again.

How Can I Get It?

Go ahead and place an order online, and pick it up for free at LogoWear on the square!

The best part? Friends and families who don’t live nearby can still show support for our students by purchasing items and having them shipped directly to their homes.

Adam Bockler

Adam Bockler is the head instructor for Metamora Martial Arts. He's practiced and taught martial arts for 20+ years, holds black belts in karate and tai chi chuan, and is also a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise.