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Here is where you’ll find promotion requirements, form reviews, and anything else you’ll need to help you get to the next level.

Please also take a look at these articles and resources:

  1. Rank Requirements – Katas and ippons needed for each belt level
  2. What’s Our School Creed (Dojo Kun)?
  3. How Do Belts Work In Karate?
  4. How To Read Your Rank Certificate 
  5. Practice At Home (Beginner Workout)

Select a rank to skip to those resources:

  1. White belt, 0 stripes (kukyu)
  2. White belt, 1 stripe (hachikyu)
  3. White belt, 2 stripes (nanakyu)
  4. Yellow belt (rokkyu)
  5. Orange belt (gokyu)
  6. Green belt (yonkyu)
  7. Brown belt, 0 stripes (sankyu)
  8. Brown belt, 1 stripe (nikkyu)

White Belt (Kukyu)

White belts with 0 stripes

Select the button below to see the basic techniques required for promotion. Videos are linked throughout the document as a training resource for you.

WATCH: How To Do The Basics READ & WATCH: White Belt Ippons

White Belt (Hachikyu)

White belts with 1 stripe

Taikyoku Step-By-Step Instructions

White Belt (Nanakyu)

White belts with 2 stripes

Fukyu Gata Ichi Step-By-Step Instructions & Bunkai

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