July 29

Adam Bockler Appears in Taekwondo Times Magazine

Taekwondo Times - September 2013

It’s true!

I am featured as an attacker in the September 2013 issue of Taekwondo Times.

Mr. Steve Aldus, my tai chi chuan teacher, wrote an article for this issue explaining in detail some of the applications of the art he’s studied for more than 40 years. In this issue, he demonstrates several tai chi chuan moves on me.

Many times tai chi chuan is mistaken for an art without any practicality. However, I can tell you they are for real, and this issue helps illustrate that.

I have trained with Mr. Aldus for three years. But if my regular practice isn’t enough,  being on the receiving end of these techniques during the photo shoot is enough, in my opinion, to understand just how effective tai chi chuan is as a martial art.

Take a look at the last application for “Pluck Needle from Sea Bottom,” and I’ll tell you it hurt just to breathe. Imagine that knee dropping at full speed and you’ll understand how damaging this art can be.

As Mr. Aldus talked to the photographer – Rock Tai, a transplant from Hong Kong whose dad is a revered martial artist – in between shots, he showed a few more applications. “Wow,” Rock said, “I can see the power.” I wasn’t hurt, but Rock was able to see the potential destruction tai chi chuan is capable of.

Select this picture to see more behind-the-scenes images from the Taekwondo Times photo shoot!

Select this picture to see more behind-the-scenes images from the Taekwondo Times photo shoot!

Students and parents are welcome to receive free copies of this issue of the Taekwondo Times. It retails for $7.00.

July 9

Metamora Martial Arts Featured on WMBD 31 This Morning

Ahead of this Saturday’s grand re-opening of Black Belt Magazine’s Best Children’s Program, I represented Metamora Martial Arts on WMBD 31 This Morning show with Donnie Tillman and Karissa Sanford.

I performed an application from the kata Kanku Sho, a 150-year-old form. I’ve performed this form numerous times at competitions around the state, and I even won first place with it at the AKA Grand Nationals in Chicago earlier this year.

You’ll get to see my full award-winning performance of Kanku Sho in its entirety this Saturday, July 13, at our grand re-opening, along with demonstrations from our students.

Watch Adam Bockler on WMBD 31>>

April 26

Art & Society Profiles Metamora Martial Arts in May/June 2013 Issue

Metamora Martial Arts is profiled in the latest edition of Art & Society. Just look for the article titled, “Spirit of the Empty Hand.”

Art & Society cover, May/June 2013

Art & Society, May/June 2013

Writer Gabrielle Balzell interviewed me for the article about two months ago. She spent around 45 minutes asking me questions about the program, how it started, what I enjoyed most about the martial arts, and what the plans for the program are moving forward.

I was also given an opportunity to present a brief history of karate, beginning in 500 A.D. in China and proliferating through Okinawa, Japan, and eventually, the United States.

You can pick up your copy at Art & Society at a number of area locations. I know for certain this is at Bradley University and Kelleher’s. If anybody knows anymore locations you see this magazine, please let us know in the comments.

The cover features Preston Jackson, a renowned artist here in the Midwest. Fun martial arts trivia: Mr. Jackson also teaches tai chi to students on Saturday afternoon at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria.