About Metamora Martial Arts

Metamora Martial Arts is the longest-running karate program in Metamora. People have fun while learning self-defense and getting fit.

Students who participate in Metamora Martial Arts have done one or more of the following:

  • lost weight
  • improved grade point averages
  • avoided potentially dangerous situations
  • and so much more!


Metamora Martial Arts’ classes are available at one of the lowest per-month costs in the area.

To learn more about pricing, send an email or make a call.



Many martial arts exist in the world.

Sensei Adam Bockler, the 2014 Karate Black Belt of the Year, specifically focuses on the style of Okinawan Shuri-ryu karate.

Emphasis on Learning

A teacher must be a lifelong student. An avid learner, Sensei Bockler continues to receive instruction from Mr. Dave Hawkey in an effort to pass along Shuri-ryu karate as it was meant to be.

Students who reach the black belt level are encouraged to begin learning other martial arts.


Founded in 2002 by fourth-degree black belt Sensei Joe Chianakas, Metamora Martial Arts was originally an after-school karate program for Metamora Township High School students. Over time, Sensei Chianakas opened up the program to students at Metamora Grade School, Riverview Grade School, and Germantown Hills Middle School.

Metamora Martial Arts is respected name in the local martial arts community. A number of organizations have invited us to perform demonstrations and seminars, including a pre-game show for the Peoria Pirates in 2004, many MTHS varsity basketball halftime shows, ISAT prep demos for MGS, RGS, and St. Mary’s Grade School in 2009, along with countless others. You may have also seen us at…

Students and instructors have also competed in numerous tournaments in the Peoria area, as well as the U.S. Open in Orlando, Florida.

During the course of its history, Metamora Martial Arts was awarded the Black Belt Magazine’s 2008 Best Children’s Program, as well as Black Belt’s Best Humanitarian Act for its Relay For Life Break-a-thon held in 2007.