May 20

MMAL 2011 Illinois Martial Arts Championship in Hoffman Estates, Illinois – Saturday, July 30

The Midwest Martial Arts League presents the 2011 MMAL Illinois Championship at the Hoffman Estates Community Center on Saturday, July 30, 2011.

Registration by July 1 for two events is $40, plus $5 for each additional event. Add $5 to each value after July 1, including at the door. There is a $5 discount for MMAL members.

Events include Forms – which includes Traditional, Creative, Team and Weapons forms – Self-Defense Routines and Light Contact Point Sparring. More than 100 divisions are expected.

Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m. and the tournament begins at 10:15 a.m.

The tournament is sponsored in part by Tiger Claw, and has a AAA-sanctioned rating. Custom medals and trophies will be awarded.

To get all of the details regarding this tournament, we have provided the PDFs sent to us by Mr. Valin…

2011 MMAL Illinois Championship flyer

2011 MMAL Illinois Championship information packet and registration form

If you still have any questions, please contact Master Dan Valin of the Midwest Martial Arts league at 847-815-0898 or email him at matkd[at] You can also visit MMAL online, though the Facebook event points to last year’s tournament.

March 23

Upcoming Illinois martial arts tournaments in 2011

After visiting the Auvenshines’ tournament this past weekend, I wanted to make a short post about upcoming Illinois martial arts tournaments for 2011.

Mt. Sterling YMCA Strong Kids Martial Arts Open
Saturday, May 7
Mt. Sterling, Ill.
Registration starts at $30.00.
Proceeds benefit the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign

Morrow’s Karate & Kung Fu Championships
Saturday, May 14
Moline, Ill.
Registration is $30.00.
Visit our blog post for more information on Morrow’s tourney

Walker’s Taekwondo Tournament of Champions VII
Saturday, May 21
Bloomington, Ill.
Registration starts at $45.00.

Douglas Grose Memorial Martial Arts Tournament
Promoted by Ms. Vera Harrison
Saturday, August 13
Peoria, Ill.

Ms. Harrison is also promoting a women’s only self-defense seminar entitled, “We Rock Seminar,” the night before on August 12 in Peoria.

Midwest Open Taekwondo Championship
Promoted by Master Joshua Sharp
Saturday and Sunday, November 19 and 20, 2011
Registration starts at $45.00.
Decatur Conference Center & Hotel

March 11

Upcoming: Morrow’s 36th Semi-annual Karate & Kung Fu Tournament & Black Belt Championships

We have visited Mr. Morrow’s tournament before, and he’s sent me info for his latest tournament on Saturday, May 14, 2011 – the 36th Semi-annual Karate & Kung Fu Tournament and Black Belt Championships.

Mr. Morrow will host three events – forms, sparring and weapons. He will also include a 40-years-and-older black belt division. A black belt Grand Championship match will take place with a four-foot trophy on the line.

The cost is $30 for all events. The spectator’s fee is $4.

Traditionally, our crew has always done well at his tournament in the several times we’ve competed there. Mr. Morrow and his students are always friendly and we’ve found it to be a great tournament for our students to learn from others.

For sparring, Mr. Morrow requires “dip foam boots, dip foam gloves, groin cup and mouth guard.”

If you would like a complete division breakdown, please leave a comment.

Mr. John Morrow
Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts
1321 5th Ave.
Moline, IL

March 8

Upcoming: Illinois Valley Karate Tournament on April 17, 2011

Martial arts tournament promoter Gary Gillette will be hosting the Illinois Valley Karate Tournament in Morris, Ill., on April 17, 2011.

It will take place at Shabbona Middle School in Morris, and the tournament’s events include chanbara, self-defense, weapons, kata and kumite. Medals for 1st through 4th place will be awarded for chanbara and self-defense. Awards for the rest of the events include etched glass mugs for 1st through 3rd place and medals for 4th place. A grand champion will be awarded for men and women’s kumite.

Prices start at $40.

This tournament is a Professional Karate Commission-sanctioned event.

Download the information packet for the Illinois Valley Karate Tournament 2011, which includes more details on divisions and times.

Shabonna Middle School
725 School Street
Morris, IL 60450

Gary Gillette
815-941-9790 or

January 20

UPCOMING: Auvenshine’s Taekwondo 12th Annual Martial Arts Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Patty Auvenshine host their 12th annual tournament at Lincoln Land College in Springfield, Ill. on Saturday, March 19.

Events include forms, sparring, grappling, breaking and weapons. Grand champions are awarded for junior and adult black belt forms. The rings are matted and there is also electronic scoring. On their Facebook page, the Auvenshines mention “expeditious scheduling,” which is the truth. They fill up a gym with about six rings and most of them are busy. Special athletes are encouraged to attend.

The school with the most competitors is awarded a plaque.

Metamora Martial Arts karateka have competed in this tournament twice – first in 2007 and again in 2010. I’ve been both times and would encourage everybody to make time in their schedules to attend this tournament.

Click here to register and to download a packet for all the details, including a schedule, motel recommendations, divisions and rules.

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