January 21

Green belt requirements

These are the requirements for high school students and adults working as yellow belts toward their green belts.

1st stripe

New techniques

  • knife hand
  • leopard claw
  • basic chop
  • hammer fist
  • ridge hand
  • double circular knife strike
  • elbow smash
  • upward elbow
  • blocks with palm block cover
  • augmented shuto strike
  • jump front snap kick
  • front thrust kick
  • inside round house
  • spinning side kick
  • spinning hook heel

Tai Kyoku Kumi with palm block covers

Wansu kata, 1st level

Ippons 3 and 4

Taezu 2


  1. lapel grab
  2. double lapel grab


  • Kesa getame (scarf hold)
  • yoko shiho getame (side locking four-corner hold)

2nd stripe

Wansu kata, 2nd level

Ippons 1-4, out of kiba dachi

Taezus 1-2, out of kiba dachi


two-arm choke


ippon seoi nage (one-arm shoulder throw)

3rd stripe

Wansu kata, 3rd level

Ippons 1-4, 2 directions

Taezus 1-2, 2 directions

Tiger animal forms

5 combination attacks


sleeper choke


morote seoi nage (shoulder throw)


  • Form sparring (kata kumite), 1 minute
  • Stance-focus sparring (kime-dachi kumite), 1 minute
  • Karate and tae kwon do sparring

Physical requirements

  • 15 pushups
  • 30 crunches
  • 50 jump rope
  • 2 minutes of speed punching
January 20

UPCOMING: Auvenshine’s Taekwondo 12th Annual Martial Arts Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Patty Auvenshine host their 12th annual tournament at Lincoln Land College in Springfield, Ill. on Saturday, March 19.

Events include forms, sparring, grappling, breaking and weapons. Grand champions are awarded for junior and adult black belt forms. The rings are matted and there is also electronic scoring. On their Facebook page, the Auvenshines mention “expeditious scheduling,” which is the truth. They fill up a gym with about six rings and most of them are busy. Special athletes are encouraged to attend.

The school with the most competitors is awarded a plaque.

Metamora Martial Arts karateka have competed in this tournament twice – first in 2007 and again in 2010. I’ve been both times and would encourage everybody to make time in their schedules to attend this tournament.

Click here to register and to download a packet for all the details, including a schedule, motel recommendations, divisions and rules.

RSVP on Facebook

January 9

Yellow belt requirements

These are the requirements for high school students and adults working as white belts toward their yellow belts.

1st stripe

Basic punches

  • seiken tsuke (corkscrew punch)
  • tate tsuke (vertical punch)
  • uraken tsuke (uppercut punch)
  • age tsuke (rising punch)
  • riken tsuke (backfist punch)
  • mawashi tsuke (hook punch)

Basic kicks

  • mae geri (front kick)
  • yoko geri (side kick)
  • mawashi geri (round house kick)
  • ushiro geri (back kick)
  • crescent kick
  • reverse crescent kick
  • axe kick
  • hook heel kick

Basic blocks

  • nagashi uke (palm block)
  • chudan uke (middle block)
  • reverse chudan uke (inside middle block)
  • jodan uke (high block)
  • hiachu uke (side arm block)
  • gedan uke (low block)

Basic stances

  • kiba dachi (horse stance)
  • zen kutsu dachi (front stance)
  • ko kutsu dachi (back stance)
  • mitsurin dachi (jungle stance)

2nd stripe

Basic combinations

  • Jab-cross
  • Hook-uppercut

Foot work

  • Step-behind side kick
  • Step-in-front round house
  • Slide-step front kick
  • Exchange leg front kick

Judo falls

  • Osoto gari (large outer reap)
  • Ogoshi (large hip throw)

Ippon #1

3rd stripe

Improved combination work and footwork

Ippon #2

Taezu #1

Tai Kyoku Kumi

Hiza guruma (knee wheel)

Recite dojo kun


  1. Same-side wrist grab
  2. Opposite-side wrist grab
  3. Two-hand grab on one hand
  4. One hand grabs each hand

Physical requirements

  • 10 pushups
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 25 jump rope
  • kick to knee level
January 7

8th Annual Auvenshine’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Tournament – 1/27/07

Auburn Jr. High School

Auburn, Ill.

Stephen Arnold

1st place Forms
2nd place Weapons

Brock Blessman

1st place Forms
3rd place Sparring
4th place Weapons

Clay Blum

1st place Forms
2nd place Grappling
3rd place Sparring
Clay was forced to forfeit the match due to injury.

Adam Bockler

Competed, but did not place, in Forms

Daisy Breitbarth

1st place Forms
1st place Grappling
1st place Sparring
1st place Weapons

Joe Chianakas

1st place Forms
Adult Forms Grand Champion

Jim Craig

2nd place Forms
1st place Weapons

Mark Craig

1st place Forms
1st place Sparring
Jim and Mark competed in the same Forms division.

Carly Crabtree

1st place Forms
1st place Sparring

Roger Crow

1st place Forms
1st place Sparring

Jake Folger

4th place Forms
Jake also competed in Grappling.

Meaghan Gove

4th place Forms
3rd place Sparring

Tyler Prunty

1st place Forms
3rd place Weapons

Cliff Rummel

1st place Grappling
2nd place Sparring

Brandon Sassaman

2nd place Forms
2nd place Grappling
2nd place Sparring

Alex Schertz

1st place Forms
1st place Weapons
Alex was also in Tyler and Brock’s Weapons division.

Courtney Yeast

1st place Forms
Courtney and Meaghan were in the same Forms division.

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