August 29

Ty Campos Shows Kali Drills, Disarms and Chokes

As an instructor, I think it is important to remember what it’s like being a student.

That, and my first-ever martial arts instructor instilled in me to “never stop learning and seeking new knowledge.”

That’s why I keep attending new seminars with new instructors. Often times, the ideas are similar, but their methods and techniques are wildly different.

In July, my friend Mr. John Morrow of Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts in Moline invited me to a seminar being taught by one of his former students, Ty Campos.

Ty didn’t go into his background much, but it was clear to me he was very proficient in using single- and double-stick techniques. I enjoyed his drills and have been practicing them on my own since this event.

A sampling of what Ty taught during his seminar have been assembled in the medley video below.

A three-hour won’t let anybody work anything in depth, but it was great to see just how broad and even how deep some of these techniques can go.

Thanks to Mr. Morrow for bringing Ty Campos to his school. And thanks to the people I worked with for being my partners.

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August 20

Team Forms from Share The Martial Arts

It’s been a busy several weeks for me, and I’ve got a lot of video coming your way!

We’ll start with this past weekend, when I was in Chetek, Wisc., for Brown’s Karate Academy’s annual Share the Martial Arts summer camp.

The weekend was filled with seminars (some footage will be available later).

On the last day, the campers split into four teams. Each team then had to compose and perform their own unique form in less than an hour.

Mr. Leland Brenholt combined techniques from all the members of his group, The Laughing Buddhas, to create Many Roots.

I was in Mr. Stefan Stein’s group. I learned he’s done mega team form competition, with dozens of people performing the same form at the same time. We stuck to a common form pattern and fairly basic techniques for many martial artists.

Mr. Aldus also stuck to a basic pattern for his students, and composed a fantastic blend of a variety of maneuvers into a form called “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Panda.”

Mr. Jeff Borchardt’s team performed one of the most unique and entertaining team forms I’ve ever seen, complete with Zumba moves and a backflip.

Each team won first in their division.

July 11

Ty Campos Teaching Kali Seminar in Moline

A multi-faceted martial artist will teach a seminar on single- and double-stick weaponry Saturday, July 19, 2014.

Ty Campos of the Minnesota Kali Group is featured the day as the guest instructor during a seminar taking place from 1-4 p.m.

The cost of the event is $35.

For more information, contact Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts at 309-764-1929.

Mr. Morrow invites only the best martial artists to his school, so I expect attendees at this event will learn many things from Ty Campos. Campos’ resume includes training in at least six martial arts.

May 17

Info Packet: 2014 Douglas Grose Memorial Martial Arts Tournament

2014 Harrison Dorris AJKAI IOBK Tournament packet

Download the full tournament packet, including rules for each event

The Douglas Grose Memorial Martial Arts Tournament takes place Saturday, Aug. 9, once again in Peoria at First English Lutheran Church, but with some minor tweaks.

For the first time and to eliminate crowd congestion, karate and tae kwon do events will take place at different times. These events have traditionally been divided in the past. However, divisions have run concurrently until this year.


Karate (or similar style) events – forms, point sparring, tag team and masters’ divisions – will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Combined events – breaking and weapons – take place starting at 12 p.m.

Finally, tae kwon do events (or similar style) events – forms, Olympic sparring (continuous), tag team and masters’ divisions begin at 1:30 p.m.

No-gi grappling begins at 9 a.m., and the special events division begins at 11 a.m.


Competitors participating in 1-2 events can enter for $50, plus an additional $10 per event up for a total of $90 for all 6 events.

Tag teams are $60 per team.

Spectators pay $6 if they are 10 or up, $4 for children and senior citizens, and children 3 or under can get in for free.

Friday Night Seminar

Ms. Harrison’s “Slam, Bam, Wham” seminar features two sessions.

Master Jim Hemphill will cover grappling techniques in session 1 from 4-6 p.m.

Masters Kim Aldus and Erin Lehman will present self-defense techniques in session 2 from 6:30-9:00.

The seminars cost $30 each, or $50 for both, with a $5 spectator fee.

Sensei Bockler’s Thoughts

You should attend this event, whether you’re one of my students or you stumbled on this website through a link your friend posted or through a search.

Honestly, I’m pretty bummed that I have a commitment already made for this weekend because I would love to compete against Peoria’s finest black belts, leaving me unable to attend any event listed here.

Last year’s event was fantastic. You can read about some of my thoughts from the seminars and watch some videos, too.

April 24

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace: Sparring Is Only Fun When You’re The One Who’s Scoring

Not everybody can say they took a hook kick to the jaw from someone who retired after 6 years undefeated as a full-contact champion.

I can.

Granted, it was controlled. But still.

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace had some excellent sparring tips to share with a young group of students Sunday morning.

Superfoot’s strength is with his left leg as a result of an injury to his right leg. Sure enough, in the hour we worked, all of the techniques led with the front, left leg.

Adam Bockler with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

His seminar capped off an amazing Hall of Fame weekend.