February 1

This Month in History – February


Mr. Chianakas formed Metamora Martial Arts as an after-school program. Deshi Adam Ulbricht was the first student, as well as the first promoted to first-degree and second-degree black belt.


Feb. 26 – Master Anthony Marquez, who played Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat movies, hosted a seminar on the Chinese martial art known as wushu. He also introduced us to the chain whip and three-sectional staff.


At our 4th anniversary party, Mr. Chianakas announced he had been promoted by Mr. Walter Fricke to 4th-degree black belt.


Feb. 17 – Mr. Chianakas led a demo at a Boy Scouts banquet in Peoria.

Joe Chianakas

We also did a demo for the MTHS varsity basketball halftime game.


Feb. 9 – We performed a varsity basketball demo at halftime.


Feb. 7 – For our 7th anniversary, we had dinner at Kobe Steakhouse.

We also made appearances at Metamora, Riverview, and St. Mary’s Grade Schools preparing students for ISAT week with motivational speeches and demonstrations. Speakers included Joe Chianakas, Adam Bockler, Andy Seidel, Caitlan Rohman, Tiffany Robertson, Adair Rodriguez and Jake Potter.