July 3

This month in history: July


Brian Beaver holds his first advanced tae kwon do class at our Sunnyland dojo. Students promoted past white belt in karate were able to take classes with Mr. Beaver. The classes lasted for about a year.

Also, MMA held the 2nd annual Undoo Renshu, where Mr. Chianakas taught Shudo-so.

July 31 – Metamora Martial Arts performed a demo before a Peoria Pirates game in the Peoria Civic Center. It was by far our largest venue we’ve performed in.

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July 3-9 – More than a dozen MMA members flew down to Orlando, Fla., for the U.S. Open, held at the Coronado Springs Resort. On our trip, we spent a day at Universal Studios, another at Wet n Wild water park, two days at the biggest martial arts tournament in the world and one last day at Cocoa Beach.

Look through Metamora Martial Arts pictures at the US Open in 2007

By name, here is how our competitors placed…

Clay Blum
2nd place in Traditional Forms
no place in Point Sparring

Daisy Breitbarth
3nd place in Point Sparring
5th place in Traditional Forms
no place in Continuous Sparring

Carly Crabtree
1st place in Traditional Forms – Carly is the first Metamora Martial Artist to win 1st place at the US Open!
no place in Point Sparring

Brandon Sassaman
5th place in Traditional Forms
no place in Point Sparring

Alex Schertz
2nd Place in Traditional Forms
no place in Traditional Weapons

Thomas Deters (Traditional Weapons, Traditional Forms), Meaghan Gove (Traditional Forms, Point Sparring), and Courtney Yeast (Traditional Forms, Point Sparring) also competed, but none officially placed.


July 10 – Mr. Brian Beaver held the first ever Kyumson Invitational Tournament in Bradford.

Adam Bockler
1st place Forms
Grand Champion Adult Forms

Faith Robertson
1st place Forms
1st place Sparring
1st place Breaking

Adair Rodriguez
1st place Forms
1st place Sparring
Grand Champion Youth Forms
Grand Champion Youth Sparring

Alex Schertz also competed.

Check out Metamora Martial Arts at the Kyumson Invitational in 2010

June 1

This month in history: June

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We rode in the Old Settlers parade for the first time on June 25, followed by a demonstration in the park on the square. In 2008, I would lead the Old Settlers crew through 2010.


Metamora Martial Arts began its annual participation in Relay for Life at Metamora Township High School on June 3-4.

On June 12, Metamora Martial Arts visited Soo Kim’s tournament at the YWCA in Peoria.


Our Relay For Life Break-a-thon was held, in which we broke boards symbolizing the fight against cancer. The event earned Metamora Martial Arts the award of Black Belt Magazine’s Best Humanitarian Act in 2008.

Also, we held our first and only Karate Camp, where high school students were teamed up with grade school students in an effort to mentor them.


This was the first summer that Mr. Hawkey first started offering black belt training at his home. Starting last year, he expanded the sessions to include advanced colored belt ranks, as well.


On June 5, Justin Knobeloch and I were promoted to 2nd-degree black belt (nidan) after testing in May. The official promotion took place at the Metamora Relay for Life.


For two weeks in June 2010, I taught a martial arts class at the Hult Health Center. I know Mr. Chianakas and assistants had done this before, but last year was the first time I actually took record of it. My assistants included Robert Unger, Adair Rodriguez and Faith Robertson (if I left you out, let me know).

We held our Undoo Renshu on June 30, where we learned the advanced black belt tension kata Ten Sho.

May 9

This month in history: May


Metamora Martial Arts performed at the Cherry Tree Festival in Washington, Ill., to promote our Extreme Kumi-Taku Martial Arts studio in Sunnyland.

MMA alumni Jessica Duffy, Neil Kirchoefer and Amanda Dixon perform


We participated in Central Grade School’s Arts Day, as we had for several years.

May 22 – We hosted students from the Harrison and Dorris College of Martial Arts for a special seminar to prepare for our first tournament that would take place the following year.

Metamora Martial Arts students team up with students from the Harrison and Dorris College of Martial Arts


Mr. Chianakas’ Black Belt Magazine column on MMA training hits newsstands.

May 10 – Mr. John Morrow hosted his 31st Annual Karate & Kung-Fu Championships in Moline, Ill. To view full results, click here.

Metamora Martial Arts students competing in Moline, Illinois

May 25 – I led my first Arts Day at Central Grade School in Washington and was assisted by Amanda Dixon, Braden & Brandon Love and Emily Berger.


Both Justin Knobeloch and I tested for second-degree black belt. We are the fourth and fifth nidans in Metamora Martial Arts.


Andy Seidel tested for and achieved his black belt. He was the 10th first-degree black belt to be promoted in our program.

Andy Seidel tests for black belt


May 11 – Adair Rodriguez completed a five-hour physical exam for his first-degree black belt. On the 11th day of May 2011, he was named our 11th black belt.

April 5

This month in history: April


Black Belt Magazine featured an article by Sensei Joe Chianakas on the “10 Keys to Combat.” Also, in the same issue, his Next Generation column discussed approaching weapons training with caution.

10 Keys to Combat in Black Belt Magazine, by Joe Chianakas

April 5 – Metamora Martial Arts hosted our first annual open tournament. We had more than 100 competitors representing around a dozen schools.

Metamora Martial Arts belts belts in 2008

Metamora Martial Arts black belts in April 2008 (L-R): Mr. Aaron Ruder, Mr. Justin Knobeloch, Ms. Amanda Dixon, Mr. David Hawkey, Mr. Thomas Deters, Mr. Adam Ulbricht, Ms. Jessica Duffy, Mr. Joe Chianakas, Mr. Adam Bockler, Mr. Neil Kirchoefer


April 4 – We hosted our second annual open tournament with about as many people as the first outing.

2009 Metamora Martial Arts Open Tournament


On April 14, Deshi Adam Bockler placed 1st in the men’s black belt forms division and 3rd place in the men’s black belt weapons division at Morrow’s tournament in Moline. Joshu Adair Rodriguez and Jake Potter also competed in forms and sparring.

Metamora Martial Arts at Morrow's 2012

Pictured L-R: Jake Potter, Mr. Adam Bockler, MMA alum Joe Maubach, Mr. Adair Rodriguez

March 16

This month in history: March


March 3 – Mr. Adam Bockler led a crew in Metamora Martial Arts’ first outing at Mr. John Morrow’s semi-annual tournament in Moline, Ill.

Competitors included Mr. Thomas Deters, Jim Craig, Joel Perez and Mr. Adam Bockler. We took five 1st place trophies.

Deshi Adam Bockler, Deshi Thomas Deters, Jim Craig, Joel Perez at Morrow's Academy in 2008


Mr. Chianakas wrote an article published in the magazine, MA Success, about taking martial arts into public schools.


March 20 – Jake Potter and Deshi Adam Bockler traveled to Springfield, Ill., where we both took second place in our respective forms divisions at the Auvenshines’ 11th annual tournament held at Lincoln Land Community College.

Jake Potter and Deshi Adam Bockler at the Auvenshines' tournament


Joshu Adair Rodriguez, Deshi Adam Bockler and Miss Caitlan Rohman competed at the Auvenshines’ 12th annual tournament at Lincoln Land College in Springfield, Illinois.

Mr. Rodriguez and Caitlan both placed 1st in colored belt forms. Deshi Adam placed 2nd in black belt forms.

Joshu Adair Rodriguez, Deshi Adam Bockler and Miss Caitlan Rohman at Auvenshine's tournament in 2011


On March 10, Joshu Adair Rodriguez places third at the Supreme Way Challenge in Pekin, Ill., after performing Nan Dan Sho in the black belt forms division. Deshi Adam Bockler also competed.

Joshu Adair Rodriguez and Deshi Adam Bockler at the Supreme Way Challenge in Pekin

One week later, on March 17, Deshi Adam Bockler placed 1st in black belt forms at the Auvenshine’s 13th Annual Open Tournament.


On March 7, Deshi Adam Bockler re-opens Metamora Martial Arts at the Metamora Community Center. This is the first time in its 11-year history that Metamora Martial Arts has not been in one of the area school districts.