Aug 29

Ty Campos Shows Kali Drills, Disarms and Chokes

As an instructor, I think it is important to remember what it’s like being a student.

That, and my first-ever martial arts instructor instilled in me to “never stop learning and seeking new knowledge.”

That’s why I keep attending new seminars with new instructors. Often times, the ideas are similar, but their methods and techniques are wildly different.

In July, my friend Mr. John Morrow of Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts in Moline invited me to a seminar being taught by one of his former students, Ty Campos.

Ty didn’t go into his background much, but it was clear to me he was very proficient in using single- and double-stick techniques. I enjoyed his drills and have been practicing them on my own since this event.

A sampling of what Ty taught during his seminar have been assembled in the medley video below.

A three-hour won’t let anybody work anything in depth, but it was great to see just how broad and even how deep some of these techniques can go.

Thanks to Mr. Morrow for bringing Ty Campos to his school. And thanks to the people I worked with for being my partners.

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Adam Bockler

Sensei Adam Bockler is a 2nd-degree black belt in karate and the owner of Metamora Martial Arts. He's been in the martial arts since 2003, and has received instruction in tai chi chuan, Hsing-i chuan, judo, tae kwon do and XMA. Sensei Bockler was inducted into the 2014 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Karate Black Belt of the Year. He is the communications manager for Float Mobile Learning.

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