Aug 25

Steve Aldus Demonstrates Tai Chi Chuan at Peoria Martial Arts Seminar

A few weeks ago, I did an (almost live) blog from a seminar hosted by Ms. Vera Harrison in Peoria.

For the first time, I’m unveiling video from that event.

Here, Mr. Steve Aldus – with more than 40 years of martial arts experience – demonstrates “White Crane Spreads Its Wings” from the old Yang style tai chi chuan form. This move is just one of 188 in this form.

In this clip, Mr. Aldus talks about “push hands” or “push practice,” and demonstrates some striking as well as grappling techniques. At the end, he shows a great drill to practice.

Prior to uploading these clips, Mr. Aldus gave me permission.

My students have heard stories about my training experiences with my instructors.

Earlier this summer, after our grand re-opening demonstration, I invited Mr. Hawkey to introduce our students to sparring. The students were excited after that session to have learned from a true great.

At that same event, they also met Mr. Aldus, but he (and his wife) were there for support and not so much demonstration.

I hope that by working with my instructors directly, or by showing these videos, my students recognize the quality of instruction that I have received and that I intend to pass along to them.

Adam Bockler

Sensei Adam Bockler is a 2nd-degree black belt in karate and the owner of Metamora Martial Arts. He's been in the martial arts since 2003, and has received instruction in tai chi chuan, Hsing-i chuan, judo, tae kwon do and XMA. Sensei Bockler was inducted into the 2014 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Karate Black Belt of the Year. He is the communications manager for Float Mobile Learning.

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