Aug 6

August 2013 Newsletter

Program Update

Thanks to all of our martial arts students and families for making our grand re-opening a success. I’m very happy with how our students performed, and I hope they are, too. I have received interest from several potential new students about joining Metamora Martial Arts.

If you are a student or family member, please encourage your friends to give our program a try.

Pictures from the event are available on Facebook.

To help promote the event, I went on WMB31 News This Morning to show some martial arts application for one of my favorite forms, Kanku Sho.

Mr. Bockler Featured in Taekwondo Times Magazine

I was pretty excited about this opportunity. Mr. Steve Aldus, my tai chi chuan/Hsing-i chuan teacher, asked me to be his partner for a photo shoot demonstrating several tai chi chuan applications for Taekwondo Times.

What I didn’t write about in the blog post that I’d like to mention here is the importance of being a good uke.

You’re already familiar with this term – nagashi uke (palm block), chudan uke (middle block), etc. Except uke doesn’t actually mean block in Japanese. It means to receive. The “blocks,” essentially, are receiving the techniques of the other person.

Being a good uke requires trust and going with the flow, among other things. At a demonstration last week, I was an uke for Mr. Aldus, and he choked me, threw me to the ground, and put me in multiple locks and holds. I know when to tap if he applies too hard, and he – like Mr. Hawkey – gets to the brink of going too far without ever going over.

I trust both of my instructors with these moves, and they trust putting them on me.

It’s great because it teaches me so much about practical application of martial arts techniques.

Seminar and Tournament This Weekend in Peoria

Ms. Vera Harrison hosts the annual Douglas Grose Memorial Martial Arts Tournament this Saturday, Aug. 10, at the First English Lutheran Church in Peoria. Fees start at $50 for competitors, and spectator fees are $6. The full tournament packet is available at the link provided.

As usual, Ms. Harrison is also promoting two seminars the day before, Friday, Aug. 9, at the same location. The Friday morning/afternoon seminar will feature Terry Wilson. Friday night, Col. James Gifford, Jr., will teach classic Okinawan bunkai (applications) and jiu-jitsu.

All of these events are open to the public.

As I explain in each of those blog posts, Ms. Harrison has been very supportive of the martial arts in Peoria. I have met her on numerous occasions at tournaments and seminars throughout central Illinois, and I always look forward to talking with her and learning what nuggets I can.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer, and that the students are looking forward to starting their next school year later this month.

Adam Bockler

Sensei Adam Bockler is a 2nd-degree black belt in karate and the owner of Metamora Martial Arts. He's been in the martial arts since 2003, and has received instruction in tai chi chuan, Hsing-i chuan, judo, tae kwon do and XMA. Sensei Bockler was inducted into the 2014 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Karate Black Belt of the Year. He is the communications manager for Float Mobile Learning.

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