Jun 21

New fitness opportunities with Mr. Chianakas

To our martial artists and members of our community:

I want to invite you to join me in new endeavors to enhance our physical fitness.

During this summer, starting now (or to be specific, June 21, 2011), I will be teaching two Body Pump classes at the ICC CougarPlex. The ICC CougarPlex is a new state-of-the-art facility. Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/CougarPlex.ICC.

Body Pump is an intense one hour barbell and weightlifting workout to music. I’ve been taking Body Pump classes for nearly a year, and I recently began the journey to become a certified instructor. During this certification process, which will take several months, I will be teaching Body Pump “demo” classes. In other words, the classes won’t include the current, official rounds until I am certified, but the workouts and moves will be similar.

While I’m teaching summer academic classes, I wanted to find a way to get involved on campus in other ways. During the fall, I will most likely continue to teach Body Pump twice a week and add two cardio kickboxing classes as well. If you are a current martial artist, you will remember our “crazy karate” workout days. That’s what the cardio kickboxing classes will be!

I’m sure some may be wondering if I will still be available to teach karate at MTHS, and the answer is yes. My schedule at ICC and the fitness facility schedule are quite flexible.

Regardless, one’s pursuit of martial arts expertise, black belt, and beyond must include physical fitness. Yes, knowledge is power, but in a real fight, you must be in good physical shape to survive if you ever need to defend yourself. My fitness classes will be designed to get us in the best physical shape possible.

A few quick facts:

– ICC students pay $40 for the summer semester, $80 for fall semester, and $80 for spring semester. This cheap rate gives you unlimited access to everything in the fitness center (weights, gyms, and all fitness classes—not just mine).

– If you are not an ICC student, you can join the fitness center for only $35 a month. Most clubs are significantly more expensive.

– You can also, instead of paying any membership, simply sign up for a college credit hour. You get an hour of college credit in physical education if you attend a specific number of hours. The fee is $90 some bucks per credit hour.

My life journey in martial arts and physical fitness has taken me in several directions. As I become a full-time employee at ICC, I want to give to the college as much as I ever gave to the high school. Physical fitness will be one small area in which I can contribute my time and energy. I invite you to join me.

If you have any questions, reply or send me an e-mail to jc337@icc.edu.

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