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This month in history: December


Metamora Martial Arts put on its first-ever holiday tournament.

Grand Champion (Sparring) – Adam Ulbricht
Best Competitor (Forms) Derek McAllister, Joe Maubach, and Julia Hovey


Metamora Martial Arts hosts its 2nd Annual Holiday Tournament. The tournament was an inner-school event.

Grand Champion (Sparring) – Megan Siefken
Best Competitor (Forms) – Jason Szewczyk, Jessica Duffy, and Joe Maubach
Best Competitor (Overall) – Matt Katch

Extreme Kumi-Taku Martial Arts opens in Sunnyland. The school hosted various events, including Undoo Renshu, XMA founder Mike Chat, and a host of classes in addition to after-school classes at MTHS.

Mr. Chianakas introduces Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) for the first time over winter break.


Dec. 4 – The 3rd Annual Metamora Martial Arts Holiday Tournament takes place.

Grand Champion (Sparring) – Jason Szewczyk
Best Competitor (Forms) – Adam Ulbricht and Thomas Deters
Best Competitor (Overall) – Jason Szewczyk

At our holiday party, Adam Ulbricht is officially promoted to first-degree black belt.


2005 Metamora Martial Arts

2005 Metamora Martial Arts

Dec. 10 – For the first time ever, all programs were in one building at the 4th Annual Metamora Martial Arts Holiday Tournament. Still not an open tournament, we had many more divisions with the inclusion of the grade school students and adults.

Grand Champion (Sparring) – Daisy Breitbarth
Best Competitor (Forms) – Thomas Deters and Ted Gove
Best Competitor (Overall) – Daisy Breitbarth

At our holiday party, Mr. Chianakas and Mr. Hawkey announced several award winners.

Bushi-do – Aaron Ruder
Most Improved Student and Best Assistant Instructor – Adam Bockler

Also, for the first time in 2005, Metamora Martial Arts introduced new categories.

Best Black Belt Instructor – Amanda Dixon
Most Improved Beginner Student – Tony Herr

Dragon, for the student who showed the most spirit and enthusiasm – Adam Ulbricht
Snake, for the student who fit anywhere and clicked with everyone – Amanda Dixon
Crane, for the student who was strong but humble – David Bess
Leopard, for the student who made the most balance out of their life – Ted Gove
Tiger, for the student who had the strength of fire – Daisy Breitbarth


The holiday tournament results were…

Grand Champion (Sparring) – Mark Craig (high school) and Jim Craig (grade school)
Best Competitor (Forms) – Daisy Breitbarth
Best Competitor (Overall) – Daisy Breithbarth (high school) and Jim Craig (grade school)

Dec. 17 – Metamora Martial Arts performs a pre-game demo at a Peoria Rivermen game. Adam Bockler drops the puck with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson.

Metamora Martial Arts at the Peoria Rivermen game

Metamora Martial Arts at the Peoria Rivermen game, Dec. 2006

Dec. 27 – Justin Knobeloch is officially promoted to black belt after having tested earlier that month. As a result of his new promotion, Daisy Breitbarth was presented with the sempai title, the senior student under black belt.

The following awards were given at our holiday party…

Best Black Belt Instructor – Adam Ulbricht (who also was promoted to second-degree black belt)
Best Assistant Instructor – Daisy Breitbarth
Bushi-do – Adam Bockler
Most Improved Student – Mark Craig (high school) and Alex Schertz (grade school)
Most Dedicated Beginner Student – Clay Blum and Roger Crow
Most Improved Beginner Student – Andy Seidel

Dragon – Thomas Deters
Snake – Tony Herr
Crane – Adam Bockler
Leopard – Justin Knobeloch
Tiger – Daisy Breitbarth

Finally in December 2006, went live for the first time.


Dec. 20 – For our annual holiday party, the black belts performed a skit for friends and family in which Mr. C lost his karate spirit.

Also announced were the following awards…

Best Black Belt Instructor – Adam Bockler
Best Assistant Instructor – Clay Blum
Bushi-do – Thomas Deters
Most Improved Student – Tiffany Robertson
Most Dedicated Beginner Students – Trinidad Marin and Adair Rodriguez
Most Improved Beginner Student – Bianca Kamm

Dragon – Tony Herr
Snake – Amanda Dixon (dan) and Meaghan Gove (kyu)
Crane – Adam Ulbricht (dan) and Brandon Sassaman (kyu)
Leopard – Thomas Deters (dan) and Maggie Fandel (kyu)
Tiger – Adam Bockler (dan) and Mark Craig (kyu)

We also introduced a new award, the Choki Motobu Award. Motobu, who we trace in our Shuri-ryu lineage, was said to have a very physical and dominating personality. As a new award for students who did conditioning classes with us, we named Clay Blum the 2007 Choki Motobu Award winner.


Thomas Deters was officially promoted to a deshi, or a second-degree black belt. Tony Herr was also awarded the sempai title at our 2008 holiday party. Other awards included…

Best Black Belt Instructor – Adam Ulbricht
Best Assistant Instructor – Andy Seidel
Bushi-do – Justin Knobeloch
Most Improved Student – Adair Rodriguez (MTHS), Jake Pfister (MGS), Rachel Arnold (RGS), Bridget Bryning (Germantown)
Most Dedicated Beginner Student – Melanie Davis

Dragon – Adair Rodriguez
Snake – Chris Schirer
Crane – Tony Herr
Leopard – Caitlan Rohman
Tiger – Thomas Deters

Choki Motobu Award – Adair Rodriguez

Also new this year was the Warai Warrior Award, given to the person who could make is laugh. The only person to ever receive this award was Tiffany Robertson.


Dec. 17 – Our holiday party was held at the Grand Village Buffet in East Peoria. No awards were given out.


Dec. 10 – Like 2009, our holiday party was held at Grand Village Buffet in East Peoria.

Adam Bockler

Sensei Adam Bockler is a 2nd-degree black belt in karate and the owner of Metamora Martial Arts. He's been in the martial arts since 2003, and has received instruction in tai chi chuan, Hsing-i chuan, judo, tae kwon do and XMA. Sensei Bockler was inducted into the 2014 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Karate Black Belt of the Year. He is the communications manager for Float Mobile Learning.

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