Sensei Adam Bockler

Adam Bockler - Taekwondo Times

Credit: Rock Tai

Sensei Adam Bockler, a second-degree black belt, owns and is the instructor at Metamora Martial Arts.

He was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the 2014 Karate Black Belt of the Year.

Mr. Bockler, having studied karate since 2003, has taught martial arts and self-defense to students of all ages – from grade school to adults – first as an assistant instructor and then as a black belt instructor. He has taught at Metamora Township High School, Metamora Grade School, Riverview Grade School and Germantown Hills Middle School.

Mr. Bockler received his first- and second-degree black belt ranks through Metamora Martial Arts founder Sensei Joe Chianakas. For his next promotion, he is working with Mr. David Hawkey.

In addition to karate, Mr. Bockler has studied the Chinese martial arts of old Yang style tai chi chuan and Hsing-i chuan – an art described as a prototype to the Shuri-ryu system – since 2010.

Mr. Bockler also has a working knowledge of judo, tae kwon do and Extreme Martial Arts (XMA).

He has attended and presented dozens of seminars and demonstrations in the Peoria area, including Arts Day at Central Grade School, the Hult Education Center’s Healthy Heroes day camp in Peoria, and the Woodford County Teen Jamboree in Washington.

Mr. Bockler graduated summa cum laude from Bradley University with a double major in communication (concentrating in journalism) and interactive media. He is the communications manager for Float Mobile Learning in Morton.

Mr. Bockler writes his own personal blog about his martial arts experiences along with other topics including fitness, technology and media.

The American Red Cross has certified Mr. Bockler in first aid, as well as CPR/AED Adult/Child plus Infant CPR.

To contact Mr. Bockler, send him an email.